Polaris Express Services

Full house remodeling

When we renovate an entire house, we not only rebuild it . we
fulfill a dream, build a future and create a new reality
Our attention to detail, punctuality and precise finishes leaves you
with a taste of more, with the understanding that you took the
right step when you chose us to give you service
The energy, patience, professionalism and listening to the
customer are our main building blocks, and symbolize in our eyes
the true American vision and the hope that builds this country

electrical work

In the modern age a home must
have an accurate, safe and
organized electrical system Our
electricians are professional, with
a full license and comprehensive
insurance that will keep you quiet
and calm
The work is done efficiently and
includes all the aspects you need,
from small jobs like replacing
sockets and lamps to rebuilding
your entire electrical panel

flooring / vinyl / tiles

Building tiles is an art
Accuracy, forethought and finishes that
are so important at the sight of the rules
are our specialty
The final experience is stunning and
gives a feeling of cleanliness, power and
constant shine
In the kitchen, on the floor of the house
and in the bathrooms, our flooring gives
a real experience of progress, beauty
and art.

sheet rock

Gypsum board construction is the most popular construction today for
home interiors
To make your walls look smooth and beautiful you want clean work, with
perfect finishing designs and quality
glue work In addition, the cornices, interior
deepening and sanding of the facade will give your wall the true luster of
perfection and modern construction.

moldings/ doors/ Windows

We work with fine material, quality doors
and windows from the best companies
To ensure a house that is impervious to
wind, heat and rain, a good atmosphere
and a perfect design, we will build the
doors and windows for you precisely,
completely and smoothly.
moldings are the perfect finish and clean
connection between the walls of the
house and the floors, it is important to
lay them accurately and glue them with
strong and durable glue over the years

appliance installation

We will install the appliances, shelves and lamps
for you, throughout the house, exactly
according to your personal expectation
Our strength, long-lasting durability and
attention to detail leave you with satisfaction
and good thought about your choice of
products you have purchased and their
integration into the overall design of the home
Fine raw materials and proper construction will
give you the best result

HVAC systems

The HVAC system is a basic system without which it is impossible to install HVAC correctly you need the greatest experts, who know how to install perfectly, disperse the air correctly and save a lot of electricity costs Our employees are great experts in the field, with years of experience, licenses and the most professional knowledge. Only in this way are we sure that you will be satisfied and have a good time in your family home.

Paint and texture

The color is the regal finish to a perfect home
Paint is not just smearing something on the
wall, it’s much more than that
We make sure to fix all the holes, straighten
the wall surface, process it with previous
layers and finally give it the right layers of
paint for it that will create the perfect and
shiny look we expect to get
Art, precision, different layers and perfect
painting will give you a real result, and will
leave you with a feeling of luxury and respect


Piping, toilet installation, sinks and
Our employees have a years of experience,
knowledge and uncompromising
professionalism to build a high-quality,
strong plumbing system without blockages
and leaks, which will last for years and
provide the most comfortable and perfect
use experience.
This is how it is when you do not
compromise on the quality of the materials
and guarantee you work at the highest

Schedule a consultation

We will connect you with an expert interior designer who will help you during the renovation planning.

We will connect you to a credit expert who will help you with an affordable loan for you.

We will come to you and advise you, wholeheartedly.

We will contact you and set a good time for you.

And most importantly, we will build your dream home with a precise interior renovation, which will change the interior space for you, in beauty, size and guaranteed enjoyment.